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Legends of Hyrule by Guigo2112 Legends of Hyrule by Guigo2112
Please, click to enlarge for full HD experience
The awesome Midna's Magic Circle was created by theWhiteMaiden. Make sure to watch her art

This is the secound of a series of pieces based on Hyrule Warriors. The first one has the first 10 heroes from the first HW. This one had the dlc characters from the first game and the new characters of the 3DS version. You can find the first piece here:…

Next, I'm going to do one with all the baddies

If you want to check my tumblr:
GaGalicious Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2017
This is amazing! Love Hyrule Warriors!

I'd love to see one of these with all of the villains, and even another one with characters you'd like to see in the next installment, if there is one! :)
Guigo2112 Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2017
Thank you for the compliments!
And I'm already working on the villains. Unfortunately, I dont have much time to paint... so I have no idea when it will be finished.
And I also came to think about making one with the characters I had like to see in a next installment (I hope Switch gets a new installment). There a lot of characters with a lot of potential, specially now with new characters of the Breath of the Wild.
Thank you once again for your compliments and sugestions! They are really well come ^___^
GaGalicious Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2017
You're welcome! Keep up the amazing work and I can't wait to see the villains piece! :)

f you do decide to make the wated characters one, I'd be happy to give you some character suggestions :) I have plenty I want :D
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